Wills & Estates

Our lawyers are pleased to offer estate planning services regardless of the size or value of your estate.  Whether you are looking for a simple will or for complex estate or succession planning we ensure that your wishes are carried out in a professional and timely manner.

Commonly, estate planning is a process that is often overlooked by individuals, because death is not a comfortable subject to talk about. At the Law Office of Watson & Phillips we strive to make the uncomfortable much more comfortable.

It is important to consider updating a will or preparing a new will to ensure that the assets you have worked hard to accumulate during your lifetime are protected and distributed properly and according to your wishes.

At the Law Office of Watson & Phillips, we endeavor to ensure that the preparation or administration of your estate is as seamless as possible.

Our experienced lawyers will assist with the following services:

21 - Ontario text books
  • Updating current Wills and Powers of Attorney

  • Preparing new Wills and Powers of Attorney

  • Estate Planning

  • Establishing Family Trusts

  • Estate Freezes

  • Business Succession planning

  • Probate, estate administration and passing of accounts.

  • Representation in estate litigation

The preparation or update of a will is best when not left to the last minute. Please do not hesitate to contact us and schedule an appointment to discuss your estate planning needs.